ENTV & RV Nomads Launch Co-Lab Content Creator Alliance with New Social Experiment YouTube Channel

CONTACT: entv@epicnomadtv.com

(QUARTZSITE, AZ) – EPIC Nomad TV & RV Nomads today announced a new YouTube channel designed to showcase the start-to-finish journey of a new YouTube nomadic life minded channel working towards earning revenue through original content. The channel, The Co-Lab Social Experiment, is being built and managed by Tony Flammia of ‘Hippie and the Tech.’ The channel is crafted as a social experiment to follow the journey of a content creator starting with zero subscribers with a goal of reaching monetization, tracking the entire process of building the channel itself along the way.

The first video published to the channel marks the kick-off and sets the pace for what’s to come.

Community is at the core of the nomadic moment and Co-Lab is the bridge that brings many likeminded individuals together to create inspirational content,” said Tony Flammia, Director of the RV Nomads Co-Lab Content Creator Alliance. “The same content Melissa and I watched before we decided to go full-time. We owe our marriage and our family to this lifestyle and would love to help others find their way. Co-lab can develop a multitude of content creators who will become a beacon of hope and inspiration for the next generation of nomads.

Flammia went on to say “it’s second nature for this body of people to naturally want to collaborate with each other. We at Co-Lab want to connect like minded creators with different specialties and skillsets to help content creators get noticed and improve their skills though peer to peer collaboration.

The channel is a part of the RV Nomads Co-Lab Creator Alliance, a 50+ member strong network of nomadic content creators. The network is now accepting applications for other creators to join the alliance.

Nomadic minded content creators can apply online by clicking here.

Members include:

We have power in numbers,” added Flammia. “Being a part of the alliance allows new content creators the same opportunity as the veterans with 6 digit followers.

The Co-Lab alliance and network are hosted on the 10,000 member strong social platform at My.EpicNomad.Life.